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(Print this page for reference before you begin)

     Perform these tasks for all computers running Windows operating systems. If you're running Windows 98 or later, you should also clear out unused and temp files - this will free up disk space and speed things up too. These maintenance tasks empty your recycle bin, so don't do it unless you know that everything you've recently deleted you really want to say 'adios' to! This may sound confusing, but after you do it a few times, it's a piece of cake. Basically you're doing 3 maintenance tasks:

1. Discarding unnecessary files
2. Scanning your drive for errors
3. Defragmenting your drive and putting all the pieces and parts back where they belong

     The final step (defrag) may take a while the first time (45 min. - hour or so is not unusual, maybe more, maybe less) , just go get a cup of coffee and wait 'til it finishes.

First, Disable Or Turn Off Screen Saver and Close All Running Programs:

- To disable screen saver: right click on blank area of desktop (that's your start up screen with all the icons)
- Click on 'properties'
- Click on 'screen saver' tab
- Select 'none' in 'screen saver' drop down menu box
- Click 'ok'
- To close all running programs: hit and hold down CTR, hit and hold down ALT then hit DEL (do this only one time, doing it twice in a row restarts your computer)
- In the dialog box that pops up, close all programs EXCEPT EXPLORER & SYSTRAY by selecting each program and hitting 'end task'
. You can only close one program at a time, so do the CTRL+ALT+DEL step and close all programs one at a time until all are closed - remember, do not close EXPLORER & SYSTRAY!

- From your desktop double-click on 'my computer' icon (should be in upper left corner of screen)
- Right click on 'c drive'
- Click on 'properties'

Disk Clean Up (Win98 or later - otherwise skip to step 12):
- Click on 'general' tab
- Click on 'disk cleanup' (make sure all boxes are checked)
- Click on 'ok', confirm 'yes' - when it finishes you'll be back to 'general' tab of 'properties' box

Scan Disk for Errors:
- Click on tab that says 'tools'
- Click on 'check for errors' (when the box pops up, check for 3 things: 'c' drive should be highlighted, 'standard' should be selected, and 'auto fix errors' should be checked)
- Click 'start'. When Scan finishes it'll pop up a results box
- Click 'ok', then 'ok' again - when it finishes you'll be back to 'tools' tab of 'properties' box

- Click on 'defrag'
- Click 'ok' to close when it finishes

- Turn screen saver back on
- Restart computer

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