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The Darkest Night
by Jodie Larsen

   People are disappearing from our national parks for no apparent reason. As the ghastly numbers climb, investigators desperately search for a connection between the victims. Are they having a strange mystical experience, inspired by a hot new bestseller? Or is something less spiritual, more sinister behind the untimely disappearances?
   Kaycee Miller and Max Masterson - the human half of a certified Search and Rescue K-9 team - are risking their lives to discover the truth. Although Max is physically separated from Kaycee, the love of his life, they work together to unravel the few clues that are exposed by each disappearance - clues that slowly reveal a murderer dubbed "The Natural Killer". A strange book found in each victim's home may provide the link they've sought - but what does it mean?
    Kaycee brings all her skills to bear on the unfathomable case, while continuing her ongoing battle with fading eyesight and inevitable blindness. The Darkest Night ratchets up the suspense quotient to heart-stopping new levels and challenges even the most jaded mystery readers to anticipate the mind-boggling twists and turns. This no-holds-barred page-turner is Jodie Larsen's most thrilling work to date.

At First Sight
by Jodie Larsen
What would you do if you awoke in a strange motel room to find a terrified child at your bedside?
   At first, Kaycee Miller, a psychologist specializing in handwriting analysis, is certain she's dreaming. But one touch of the girl's tear-streaked face convinces her this nightmare is all too real. The door to the adjoining room is ajar; and the man sleeping inside is armed. Kaycee and the girl flee - but soon discover it is already too late to escape.

   The next morning, Kaycee awakes alone in a room locked from the inside. She tries futilely to convince the local sheriff to search for the girl, but only a newfound friend, Max Masterson - the human half of a certified Search and Rescue K-9 team - believes her. Worse, she is devastated by the news that she is losing her sight - and that the deranged kidnaper is following her. Kaycee and Max must use all their skills to stay alive - and to discover the horrifying secret that lies at the heart of the kidnapping.

Deadly Company
by Jodie Larsen
In this pulse-pounding thriller, a medical break-through has lethal consequences...

Bad Medicine
   JoAnn Rayburn is a brilliant research scientist for a major pharmaceutical company. Stacey Fordman is a passionately commited first-grade teacher. Jess Lawrence is a single father who will do anything to nurture and protect his little boy. Soon all three are compelled to discover why the children in Stacey's class have suddenly become perfect - too perfect.

   Joining forces to unravel the mystery, they find themselves pitted against a ruthless company bent on bringing a dangerous new drug to market. Together they must shatter a web of conspiracy spun in corporate boardrooms where profits are reaped at any price... and where people will use everything from sex to murder to protect a secret that is worse than death...

Deadly Silence
by Jodie Larsen
Every mother's worst nightmare
has just come true...

   For rising attorney Nick Hunter, his job at the presigious Oklahoma City firm of Kellars & Kellars is his ticket to the big time. Angela Anderson, the firm's dynamic P.R. director, also thinks her future is made. But that's before Nick and Angela are brought together on an important case...before their research arouses chilling suspicions about the firm - and a possible link to a horrifying series of infant abductions.

   As the first threats against their lives begin, Nick and Angela realize they've stumbled upon a sophisticated kidnapping ring that could shake the city to its core. When the Attorney General's grandchild disappears, they can no longer deny the terrifying truth: Someone will stop at nothing to ensure their silence - even at the risk of innocent children's lives.....

Deadly Rescue
by Jodie Larsen
Her work is her life.
And maybe her death...

Since losing her husband in the Oklahoma City bombing, Rae Majors has worked hard to rebuild her life. SHe's finally completed her college degree, and landed what she's sure is the perfect job with RESCUE - a large environmental corporation committed to saving the earth's resources. RESCUE is a dream come true for Rae, but there are definite risks involved that no one warned her about.

    Rae and her fellow scientist, Ashe Freeman, begin to suspect corporate sabotage when a promising engineering student lapses into a coma after a mysterious accident. Then the brutal assassination of two U.S. senators hits their company hard. After someone destroys a RESCUE drilling site, it becomes apparent that Rae and Ashe are being stalked. Someone wants to silence them. Someone who wants them dead before they can uncover the truth.

   For Rae, this is no dream. This is a nightmare that has only just begun.

Sisters & Secrets
by Jodie Larsen, Katherine Stone,
Anne Stuart, Donna Julian

An unforgettable portrait of four women shadowed by their past, but ready to embrace a future filled with the promise of hope, forgiveness, and love...

   Lauren, Ardath, Dinah, and Yardley Smith seem to have everything they could ever want. But behind the beautiful smiles and outward success, the four sisters are haunted by a painful childhood secret they all share. It is a legacy that will thrust them into a world of danger and passion as, together and apart, each sister seeks to right the wrongs of yesterday. Bound by blood - and the mystery of their mother's death - they must journey from tears and heartache to triumph and joy.

Render Safe
by Jackie Nida
Every Second Counts!

   They call him the Vest Bomber, a terrorist responsible for an escalating series of attacks on Kansas City--his victims are strapped into an intricately designed vest of explosives.

   Each bomb is more complex than the last. Each trigger less predictable. Each job more heated for Sergeant Jamie Stone of the Hazardous Device Unit.

   Trained to cheat death, she's an expert at defusing bombs. This time she's up against a terrorist with one purpose: to induce fear in his victims. And it's spreading.

   He's zeroing in on the single mother and everyone she loves. With unnerving skill he's reaching into her private life. Wioth unfathomable motive he's stolen her son. And with insane precision he's calculating their fate--right down to the last terrifying second.


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