HighTide is built differently from the ground up, which means fundraisers can migrate instantly and completely from any software, relate data in ways they never knew possible, and use that data and the power of AI to fuel fundraising strategies that change the game.

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All-In-One CRM

A true all-in-one: all of your data, all of your tools in one system.

As modern fundraising has evolved, so have the software needs for organizations. As the tech stacks grow, a new problem emerges: disparate wells of data that don't interconnect, making it impossible to report on everything and even more impossible to use that data to power your fundraising efforts.

With HighTide, everything you need to fundraise, reach your audiences, and manage your fundraising team lives in one system, and it's all included.

Custom CRM

Your CRM. Exactly the way you want it.

There’s nothing like it in existence. HighTide is custom-built to the exact specifications of what you need and want, organized the way you think it should be, and designed with unprecedented features.

We don't mean, "You get custom fields."

We mean every field can be custom.

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Powerful CRM

This is unlike anything you've
ever used.

HighTide is a CRM without restrictions. Build it the way you like, and use it the way you like.

There’s nothing more powerful than that.

Anything and everything.*

All the features you want, right where you want them.

Report on anything.
Migrate everything.
Connect anything.
Search everything.
Automate anything.
Tag anything.
Upload docs anywhere.
Schedule anything.
Lists from anywhere.
Tasks from anywhere.
Notes for anything.
Messages from anywhere.

*Pretty much. There are edges to this thing. But barely. And, if you really want to be able to do something that you can't, let's talk. Because you're probably not alone.

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Data Migration

Modern Migration—the nightmare has ended.

Migrating to HighTide is unlike migrating to any other CRM, because of its unique adaptable structure. Once you're happy with the data you're bringing in, HighTide is custom-built to receive it.

Imagine this: data cleanup without all of the considerations about how your data will need to change to go into your new system? With HighTide, cleanup your data as much as you’d like and that becomes the structure for your custom CRM. It’s apples to apples, which eliminates all of the bloat of a traditional migration.

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Everyone gets everything (soon).

HighTide is the only custom-built nonprofit CRM on the market and will transform the way your team works. But that's only the beginning.

We're on track to roll out an insane number of features over the coming months to ensure that HighTide is the most powerful all-in-one fundraising software the world has ever seen.

Want to see it?

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